AIRVOI Technology

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is technology that allows voice traffic to be transmitted over the Internet. Simply put, it translates your voice into digital data and packages it for transfer over the Internet. Once the voice data reaches the intended recipient, it is translated back into voice signals. VoIP is the technology that enables the AIRVOI complete phone system service.
Why should I use VoIP for my business?

VoIP provides these benefits:

Present a single identity to your customer. With a single phone number, callers can reach any of your offices or employees. No more asking callers to "please hang up and call this other number".

Avoid long-distance charges between connected locations. For example, if you have an office in Toronto and an office in Ottawa with a VOIP phone system between them, you can make calls between the two offices over the Internet and will not incur long distance charges. Connect remote employees or multiple offices into the same phone network. No matter where they are physically, employees can reach each other through a three or four-digit phone extension.

Easily add new employees, telephone extensions, voicemail boxes and locations using a simple administration interface.

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Do I need a long list of expensive hardware?

For most small business ( 1-7 employees ) all you need to run VOIP is a broadband internet connection and a VOIP-enabled phone(s). Larger companies may place firewalls or other devices between the broadband Internet connection and the phone to prioritize voice over data requirements in a shared broadband connection environment.

Is the quality of the voice call the same as it is over traditional phones?

Yes, assuming that your Internet connection is sufficient. VoIP is now a fully established, mainstream technology.

What kind of Internet connection do I need?

When using VoIP, each concurrent phone call requires 100K of bandwidth in both directions. For example, in the case of a DSL connection, DSL provides 3MB of bandwidth download and 800K up, which will allow a total of 8 concurrent calls.

Will I still be able to send faxes?

Yes. You can scan or PDF your document and send it electronically. Incoming faxes can be sent directly to your e-mail inbox.

My office has an alarm system that is connected to the phone line. Can I use it with your AIRVOI Hosted PBX system?

If you have this type of alarm system, you will need to either maintain a traditional phone line or Ask your Alarm Company about their wireless alarm system options

What if my Internet connection goes down?

Both your Internet and phone lines will be unavailable to you, but callers will still be greeted by your automated attendant and will be able to leave you messages. So even if you are temporarily disconnected, your business won’t be.

What if I lose power?

In the case of power loss, any business phone system (traditional or VoIP) will go down, however callers will still be greeted by your automated attendant. They can also connect to you via extension dialing to your cell phone. So even if you are temporarily disconnected, your business won’t be.