A Hosted PBX is a phone service that is provided over the Internet rather than as a physical PBX that resides at the customer's premises. With many businesses unwilling to invest money in physical infrastructure and the boom of hosted services in today’s market, a Hosted PBX is becoming the most popular business phone solution.
What are the benefits of a Hosted PBX?

There are many benefits of using a Hosted PBX:

Better value. All the features and functionality of a professional, multi-line phone system without the high cost of service and maintenance fees.

Reliability and security. AIRVOI’s hosted PBX resides at a secure data facility and is not tied to a specific location. As a customer, you're in a better position for disaster recovery because you can work from literally any Internet connection in the world.

Flexibility and easy expansion. You can expand the AIRVOI Hosted PBX system as your business grows without having to make new capital investment in hardware or software.

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I already have a business phone line and number. Will I have to change phone numbers?

No: your phone number is yours, and can be ported to the AIRVOI service.

Will I still be able to send faxes?

Yes. You can scan or PDF your document and send it electronically. Incoming faxes can be sent directly to your e-mail inbox.

What if my Internet connection goes down?

Both your Internet and phone lines will be unavailable to you, but callers will still be greeted by your automated attendant and will be able to leave you messages. So even if you are temporarily disconnected, your business won’t be.

What if I lose power?

In the case of power loss, any business phone system (traditional or VoIP) will go down.

If my business phone line has an area code in one city, can I take my phone to another area code and still receive calls?

Yes. Connect your IP phone to a broadband Internet connection, and you can still receive calls

Can I receive collect calls?

No, collect calls are not supported on the AIRVOI system.

Can I dial 411 from a AIRVOI phone?

Yes, AIRVOI supports the 411 information service.