No need to worry about whether that all-important feature is included.

Chances are, it is.

Area code selection

Get the location of your business recognized! AIRVOI gives you the power to select the area code for your business number. Operating from Vancouver but want to have a Toronto business number? It’s possible!

Employee extensions

Provide unique extensions to every employee and make it easier for your clients to connect with you.

Voicemail/Voice mail to Email

Busy on another call or just not in the office? The AIRVOI voicemail feature sends notifications straight to your smartphone and allows you to listen, view, and sort your voicemail messages in your e-mail client or over the web.

Unified messaging

Integrate your e-mails, voicemail, faxes, and other communications media into a single inbox and access it from a variety of your AIRVOI-enabled devices.

Mobile/remote work

Make calls using your business number and extension from your mobile or remote work space. With an IP phone or Softphone software, you can communicate on the move.

Softphone Support

Answer calls directly on your computer using the AIRVOI softphone software (no need for a physical phone).

Call logs and Detailed Billing

Measure the performance of your sales team and keep track of what calls are made from your AIRVOI system. Detailed billing and call logs are readily available for you to review.

Fax-to-Email Service

Receive faxes as convenient PDF attachments in your email .

Traditional Fax-Over-IP Service with a one time adapter fee

Send and receive faxes securely over the Internet using your existing fax machine and eliminate the need for an analog phone line.

Call Recording

Digitally record telephone calls that can be streamed or downloaded from your browser. These recordings can help with future training, quality control, compliance, and more.

Web Portal

Control your settings and preferences via a simple and intuitive user interface on the AIRVOI web portal!

Simple Auto Attendant

Greet your calling customers with a digital receptionist. An automated voice caters to the needs of your customers. Choose to use the default auto-attendant or record your own.

Questions? Connect with your Airvoi Customer Service Representative for complete plans and information about how Airvoi will work for you and your business.

A IRVOI. One complete phone system loaded with robust, standard features. Do you smell freedom yet? At AIRVOI, we understand business, and built our product around your needs. So you don’t need to worry about whether that all-important feature is included. Chances are, it is.