An Overview of AIRVOI

One complete phone system
Works across multiple locations
Integrates with mobile devices

Airvoi is one complete business communication system. More powerful than traditional PBX systems, it has state of the art Voice, Fax, and email messaging all in one solution.

Need more?

With Airvoi you can integrate your mobile device, laptop or tablet, making it the single source for your communication management needs.

The Airvoi Way

  • Save time, money, and avoid surprises.
  • Get set up in just days.
  • Gain A Business Advantage.

Airvoi works across multiple locations. Have offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Halifax? AIRVOI is one complete system that allows you to manage multiple locations and mobile workers.

Airvoi integrates with mobile devices--it’s a BYOD party. With the AIRVOI Mobile App, you can integrate any mobile device into the AIRVOI system and turn them into business devices. Freedom to connect for business has never been easier!

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